Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Song for Me

My daughter who is just finishing up her Kindergarten year wrote this song today at school. Somehow I felt it really summed up where I'm at right now so I thought I would share it with you..

Sometimes We Are There

Sometimes we are there
Sometimes we are not
La La La
Ba Ba Ba
So that's how you feel
So really that's how you feel
Da Da Da
Oh really
that's how you feel
Oh really that's how you feel
Oh Oh Oh
Really Really !


Sadie Says said...

Oh my gosh. How profound (yet hilarious!). She's a mini Dr. Suess (and most definitely your daughter).

jenny said...

So, are you there? Or are you not?

Melissa & Emmitt said...

great post wendy!
i love the song. your daughter is so cool (just like her mom)!

Maggie May said...

amazing, seriously! my daughter Lola is six. they are so much fun.