Monday, March 24, 2008


I was asked by my son's school to help make some Quilts for the annual school auction.
The kids each drew a self portrait with fabric crayons and the picture was then ironed on to a piece of white fabric. I sewed them all together in a grid using 4 inch strips of patterned fabric in between the rows and around the outside edge. Then I sewed the padded backing underneath and a large square of solid colour fabric on the face, leaving a 12 inch opening so that it could be turned inside out. I sewed the opening closed by hand stitching it. The last step was to sew carefully with the sewing machine through all the layers of fabric and padding, around each square, to give it that quilted look. Normally this step would be done by hand but the kids were a little young for a Quilting Bee and anyway the Quilts needed to be finished by today. The detail image shows my son's contribution..he says it's a picture of himself playing soccer. Good luck to the Montessori School tonight..I hope they sell them for lots of $$..!!

Puppet Theatre

A spontaneous art project is always a great way to procrastinate. I found a huge refrigerator box outside on the street the other day so I dragged it in and decided it would make a great Puppet Theatre for the kids. JR helped me paint it and we covered the front with fabric. I cut a large whole in the front of the box and folded down part of the opening for a stage. We covered the stage area with some blue fabric. I also cut a stage door in the back of the box so the kids can get inside. We sewed little curtains and hung them from a wooden dowel just behind the top of the opening..and VOILA..!!..start the Puppet Show..! The kids had great fun with it for about a week..but now its taking up too much space in my living room and it's got to go..! Till next time...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Copy Cat

I don't like to write negative things on my blog..but this really made me cranky...actually, maybe I should be flattered rather than annoyed..but these blatant copies of Naughty Naughty Pets recently showed up in my local pet store...why anyone would do this, I don't know. Here is Snort Snort Daisy Peeky Poo and her doppelganger..there are others but I don't want to give the offenders any more free publicity.